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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 16:14 WIB
Bullying Worse Mental Health

Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse during childhood are getting worse to psychological difficulties later in life. Bullying too can have severe, long-lasting psychological and physical effects.

Mental health problems in kids exposed to those kinds of experiences are due to both maltreatment and bullying or whether bullying has a unique effect. Surprisingly, kids who were bullied and maltreated were not at higher risk than those just bullied. Both have worse effect for mental health.

In the other way, mental health problems were significantly more likely in children who were bullied by their peers than in kids who were abused. It’s getting worse when the abuse accident was underreported by parents that questioned about treatment of their children.

This is very important for parents, educators and clinicians to pay closer attention to bullying. Given this emerging connection, parents whose children encounter behavior problems at school should be sure to follow up to make sure bullying isn’t factor. At the same time, schools officials who discover bullying should explore whether there might be problems at home.

Teaching good communication and conflict resolution skills before kids reach school age is also important for prevention. Later on, schools should reinforce these skills by creating a strong sense of community and fostering an environment where students feel connected to one another as well as to teachers and other adults.

So, let’s stop bullying to prevent worse condition in the future.

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