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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 16:51 WIB
Knowing Yourself and Your Food

No one in this world wants to have unhealthy condition. Nothing others do not want to eat delicious food. Its great if could combine healthy and delicious food isn’t?

Currently, many people saw the delicious foods as a scary thing. Because almost all people think that delicious foods are certainly contains a lot of MSG, salt, sugar, and bad fats. In fact, there are a lot of tasteful foods and can make our body healthy.

To obtain above, first, we must identify our body. Remember that our age, height, and weight are not the numbers without meaning. From there we can calculate our BMI. With the added factor of activity, then we will know how much our bodies need nutrients and risks existing disease also.

Combine the body of statistical with our psychic condition when facing the food. Everyone sometime feel strong desire to eat even their stomach is full. By controlling these conditions, we can get used to adjust when we are hungry and need to eat and vice verse.

After that, let's see how many of our favorite foods are also needed to nourish our body. Classify our favorite food based on group of nutrition. For example, classify our potatoes and bread to the group of carbohydrates, beef and tuna in the group of protein and so on.

When all of above become our habit of eating, more severe stage is to maintain it. Consistent with a healthy and balanced diet as above is necessary to improve our mindset. One that needs to be improved is considered a healthy diet not only as a diet program.

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