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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 16:07 WIB
Medicines You Should Never Buy Online

Whatever you need, you can get it online. That can make shopping for health products a little bit sketchy. The people selling certain products to you don’t care about your health and just want money.

While you have to be careful with whatever you buy, this product can run you into a lot of trouble—and harm: for example certain prescription medications. If a site will let you buy meds without a prescription, that’s a big red flag—especially for certain medications.

Listen to this warning from the local authorities. Buying online could mean doing time, even if you have good intentions, you can’t legally buy “controlled substances” online like Xanax or Ambien without an Rx.

The law is different depending on your state, but most require you to see a doctor you have a relationship with in person. In addition to that, buying from a bad site could leave you with medication that’s fake or contains dangerous ingredients. For example, the FDA purchased the flu-stopping medication Tamiflu online in order to test it. They found it wasn’t Tamiflu at all, but a combination of talc and acetaminophen.

It’s perfectly fine to buy prescription medication from a state-licensed US-based online pharmacy; these sites often can help you save money. To know if they’re legit, make sure they have an actual phone number, have a licensed pharmacist on staff, and require an Rx to fill your order.

You can check the legitimacy of the site at local authorities. And use common sense, if the deal sounds too good to be true, you’re probably not going to get the right medication.

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