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Wednesday, 6 May 2015 16:51 WIB
Smartphone and Kid's Mental Health

As our kids have only known a world dominated by the ubiquitous smartphone it’s tough for them to imagine their lives without it, as not only have our mobile devices become integral to our communication, they’ve seemingly been inexorable from our very existence. But is constant connection too much, are smartphones negatively impacting our children?

Noting a dramatic rise in serious childhood mental health issues are directly linked to the onslaught of instant communication and information available through smartphones.

The connection between smartphones and mental health concerns in children is still somewhat tenuous, as there simply isn’t enough hard science to back it up yet, but nevertheless it seems a fairly obvious a connection does exist.

Something is clearly happening because the evidence in the numbers of depressive, anorexic, cutting children who come to see. It always has something to do with the computer, the Internet and the smartphone.

Simply put, the rise of serious childhood mental health issues like suicide, cutting, depression, and eating disorders have risen dramatically over the last decade, a time that directly coincides with the introduction of the smartphone and the arrival of our mobile constantly connected lifestyle.

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