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Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan
Pages : 213 pages
Price : Rp. 23.500,-

Book Review

Bees are one of God's creatures that know was exist to help humans and other creatures in getting a better life. For human, the benefit of bees has been known for thousands of years ago. Even now, the bees remain a reference in improving the quality of human life.

Through the products produced by bees, in this book you can take lessons as well as valid proof of how bees can help mankind. Not only make people healthier but also prevent people from death. This book is also increasingly proving the efficacy of bee products because this book was summarizing the testimony of hundreds of people are helped by bee products.

Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan Pada Kanker
Pages : 43 pages
Price : Rp. 8.000,-

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Cancer is one of the most dreaded scourges of every person on this earth. Almost everyone assumed that the contact with cancer the same means facing death. Collection of stories in this book inspires us that nothing is impossible. Over the past efforts and prayers performed, cancer was not impossible to be resisted and destroyed. All it takes is confidence and appropriate treatment.

The greatness of bees products proven again by the real stories of those who success recovers from the most frightening disease on the earth. So, be one of those who gain enlightenment from this book.

Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan Pada Penyakit Degeneratif
Pages : 60 pages
Price : Rp. 8.000,-

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Degenerative diseases are usually attacks only the elderly people. However, in line with an increasingly modern lifestyle, degenerative disease can affect anyone now. This book is share to everyone that the disease should be addressed as soon as possible. The stories also tell us not to fear and despair in the face of difficult disease.

The people who share their story in this book not only share the joy of successful recovery. More than that, they volunteered to remind us of the importance of life and fight.

Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan Pada Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis dan Penyakit Sendi Lainnya
Pages : 31 pages
Price : Rp. 6.000,-

Book Review

Old age is a sure thing we live later. However, quality remains at the old age of course not everyone can reach it. Including bones and joints still have quality. Bones and joints stay fit really support the activities of every person young and old. If the bone and joint got a problem, you must prepare to enjoy life full of difficulties.

This book can be used as a reference for those who want the bones and joints stay fit so that the activity is still running smoothly. Make the story of the people in this book as inspiration and motivation as well as evidence to improve the quality of bones and joints

Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan Pada Penyakit Infertilitas
Pages : 80 pages
Price : Rp. 10.000,-

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Having children is a dream every couple who had married. But, many couple is still waiting for the beautiful gift of God is. In this book, you will find that the gift of God is must be cultivated. Because there could be something wrong within yourself so that the children who waited has not yet given by God.

Take inspiration from people who have succeeded at the same time be aware of the various disorders that may exist that can slow you obtain offspring.

Title : Khasiat Produk Perlebahan Pada Tumbuh Kembang Anak
Pages : 39 pages
Price : Rp. 8.000,-

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Children and their development is a process which will determine the future. All parents would want for their children get the best for the future of the child. This book provides the answers as well as an example that must be duplicated every parent who wants to give the best for their children.

The story of every person in this book proves that parental affection and the right supplements can make the quality of the child so the more special. This book is one of proving that the very real benefits of bee products in improving the quality of human life.
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