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Fadhel Muhammad, 9 years old. Jambi
Ablasio Retina
Fadhel Muhammad-Ablasio Retina

Mrs. Rini Andriani has waiting for long time to have a baby in her marriage. Finally, God gave the baby in her womb, and Mrs. Rini was keeping her pregnancy since the early.

At four months pregnancy, Mrs. Rini had black spots and bleeding. Actually, she had placenta previa (placenta at the bottom of the uterus). So Mrs. Rini required bed-rest during pregnancy. However, the bleeding occurs repeatedly until the age of 7 months 10 days gestation. At that time, the bleeding cannot be controlled anymore, so the fetus must be born with surgery.

Finally, Mrs. Rini birth weighing 1.4 kg and a length of 48 cm baby. He was admitted to the incubator. At the age of three months, his eye looks strangely, the right eye is often self-motion and the petals opening and closing repeatedly and the eyes are like cannot see his mother. After referred to the clinics and eye hospitals, finally diagnosed his right retina detached so blind, and left retina loose but still in place. The cause was negligence in protecting the eyes while being treated in an incubator. With growth, the son of Mrs. Rini has right eye reduction. The eye color is white and grows fat on top of his eye. Mrs. Rini son’s, Fadhel Muhammad, began to feel inferior to his circumstances.

At the time, came Mrs. Dewim, HDI in Jambi stockists owner, a HDI distributor. They suggested Mrs. Rini gave HDI Honeybee Pollens and HDI Clover Honey at her son.

After a few months of consuming, her son has encouraging change. Fadhel’s right eye is usually moving, became stay in place and is usually blind, began to see the light. White eyeballs begin black and the fats in her eyes began to disappear. The minus left eye is slowly started to normal.

Thank you HDI, Mrs. Rini and family are very grateful for Fadhel improvement.

Products consumed : Clover Honey, Honeybee PollenS
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