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Farah Dhiesta N, 11 years old. Kediri
Farah Dhiesta N-Allergy

It starts when my daughter had spots as small as a mosquito bite. Because it not goes away, then I checked it to the doctor. However, these spots more and more. I take it he checks to another doctor but pain in her leg is getting worse.

I went to six different doctors, but my daughter’s disease which does not go away. In fact, my daughter's skin legs like burns and blistered. This is make me panic, but I did not know must I do to heal my daughter.

Luckily I met with a friend who advised me to use HDI Aloe Propolis Cream. At that time my daughter has not been consuming another HDI product. So I was very shock, when the next morning my daughter’s wound getting better.

To be more rapid healing process, my daughter also consumes HDI Aller Bee Gone, HDI Clover Honey, HDI 520 Pollenergy, HDI Bee Propolis Tablet, and HDI Royal Jelly Liquid. Now, the wounds on both legs of my children completely disappeared.

I am very grateful to HDI.

Products consumed : Aller Bee Gone, Aloe Propolis Cream, Bee Propolis, Clover Honey, Pollenergy 520, Royale Jelly Liquid
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