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Lawrence Matthew Rafael, 18 years old. Manila
Demam Berdarah Dengue
Lawrence Matthew Rafael-Demam Berdarah Dengue

On July 08, my son came home from school. He complaining of joint and back pains and feeling feverish. That night, his started got fever and the temperature was consistently at the 38 degrees Celsius.  I knew, it was not the common flu (because we just had our annual flu shot).  

On July 09, I brought my son to the hospital, with fever still at a high of 38 degrees plus.  The blood tests confirmed that my son sufferer from dengue fever. His platelet is count still normal at 251000. That same afternoon, my son started taking HDI Bee Propolis tablets, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. I was also given him HDI Clover Honey.

On July 10, the fever is still running (a high of 38 degrees plus). His body and joint pains continued; vital signs normal, and did not lose appetite. The 2nd blood test revealed a drop in platelet count (from 251000 down to 194000).  According to the doctor, this was a big drop although the count was still within the normal levels.  I given him total HDI Bee Propolis intake for the whole day was at 8 tablets. The better result is shown, fever started to subside at night time.

On July 11, his fever was gone. My son’s body and joint pains lessened and blood test revealed further drop of platelet count (from 194000 to 192000).  Even drop, his platelet count was still within the normal levels.  Had some rash on the face and limbs, so I given him antihistamine for the itchy rashes; total HDI Bee Propolis intake for the day: 4 tablets; plus 2 capsules of the HDI Propoelix 200.  

On July 12, the 2nd day with no fever, minimal body and joint pains, and the rashes disappeared. The blood test revealed increase in platelet count (from 192000 platelet count went up to 197000).  Because his condition was better, so my son discharged from the hospital.

After the disease disappears, my son went back to school on July 14. Till now, my son still continues with the products.     

I have read several horror stories about the disease and so I am thankful that my son’s bout with dengue was rather short and did not have the horrifying complications.   

For some time, my son has only been regularly using our HDI Bee Botanics Propolis Bath Soap. I will add the HDI Bee Propolis to his regular product use.  

Thank you again, HDI.  My husband Ed also sends the same.  

Products consumed : Bee Propolis, Clover Honey, Propoelix
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