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Eni, 26 years old. Malang

Mrs. Eni experience swelling in the left breast because shoe cannot breastfeed her baby. By the doctor, she recommended for surgery. She is very stress so that refuses to do surgery and take an alternative medicine; message therapy. Unfortunately, the results of the alternative treatments cause more swelling average.

One implication of the swelling is she got fever and excruciating pain. After check-up for the second time, Mrs. Eni is advisable to consume the HDI products; HDI Pollenergy 520, HDI Bee Propolis, HDI Royal Jelly Liquid, HDI Clover Honey, HDI Propoelix, and HDI Aloe Propolis Cream.

Since taking the HDI products, the pain gradually disappeared. Her swelling becomes soft and then out pus for 3 days. She still consumes HDI products for 1 month regularly - the result - a lump in the breast was disappeared.

The more surprising is she has pregnancy during the healing process. After receiving advise that HDI products safe for pregnant women, Mrs. Eni becoming increasingly confident. He felt that the HDI products good for the development of her embryo.


Products consumed : Aloe Propolis Cream, Bee Propolis, Clover Honey, Pollenergy 520, Propoelix, Royal Jelly Tablet
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