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M. Ikhwan Amrullah, 30 years old. Batang
M. Ikhwan Amrullah-Nephrolithiasis

I frequent got abdominal pain and I had check to the clinic. But the answers of doctors are various. Besides diagnosed acute gastritis, I was also convicted an intestinal cramps. I also have not better condition after consuming medication from doctors.

After I take HDI Clover Honey which is could improve the digestive tract. Finally I followed the advice of HDI Enterpriser and take HDI Clover Honey regularly.

After a month consumes HDI Clover Honey regularly, I could not urinate from night till morning and continued till late afternoon. Each time urinates, I experienced excruciating pain in the urethra and my urine was out just a few drops. Having to urinate, which is out of my urinary tract is like urine and yellowish white stone chips.

Then I tell Mr. Yoky, the HDI Enterpriser, about the disease. He said it was a kidney stone fragments come out from my body. This means, I didn’t know that I suffer kidney stones for long time ago. Thank God, now I have no pain recurred and my urination was smooth. Also thanks to HDI Clover Honey.

Product consumed : Clover Honey
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